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  • Prior to contracting with Electro-Motion, we did our own maintenance, which was very little due to lack of qualified staff and budget concerns. We have four diesel units at our various high schools and none were in great operating condition. Electro-Motion came in and provided us with professional services and brought our generators up to full operational capability. We are also considered emergency shelters due to unforseen natural disasters; and we need our generators to support this type of operation.

    John Schultz
    Director of Operations/Maintenance/Health-Safety & Transportation
    Jefferson Union High School District


    Generator Service

    Q: What is your emergency response time?

    A: Typically, we will be on site within 2 hours of your call.

    Q: Do you perform maintenance on automatic transfer switches?

    A: Yes. In fact, we are the only company that performs this to the National Fire Protection Association 110, Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems, 2010 edition protocol.

    Q: We have a standard maintenance program we have been using for many years. Can you "do it our way"?

    A: Yes.

    Q: If you must take our unit out of service, can you provide a temporary replacement unit?

    A: Certainly. We want to get you back in business right away.   


    Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

    Q: Which brand do you sell?

    A: We can sell you almost any brand. Our preferred brand is GE Zenith.

    Q: Do we have to shut down our building for you to diagnose our problem?

    A: Usually not. Some problems may require a shutdown, but we will do everything possible to minimize the inconvenience.

    Q: Do you recommend and sell "bypass" type switches?

    A: Yes and Yes. This type of switch is highly recommended; it makes the required annual switch maintenance much less disruptive.

    Q: Do you have parts for all switches, allowing prompt repair on 1 call?

    A: No. There are just too many switches with too many parts, like other products of this specialized nature. We do carry the common parts and have perfected a system that allows us to obtain what’s needed quickly.

    Frequency Converter (Motor Generator) Sets

    Q: Which brand do you sell?

    A: We are the Northern California distributor for the Horlick Company.

    Q: Can you do custom projects/builds?

    A: Yes, in most cases. This is a Horlick specialty. Just call with your needs.

    Q: Can you install the equipment?

    A: Yes.

    Q: If you must take our unit out of service, for repair or modification, can you provide a temporary replacement unit?

    A: Usually. We have a substantial rental fleet ready at our warehouse.