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  • Prior to contracting with Electro-Motion, we did our own maintenance, which was very little due to lack of qualified staff and budget concerns. We have four diesel units at our various high schools and none were in great operating condition. Electro-Motion came in and provided us with professional services and brought our generators up to full operational capability. We are also considered emergency shelters due to unforseen natural disasters; and we need our generators to support this type of operation.

    John Schultz
    Director of Operations/Maintenance/Health-Safety & Transportation
    Jefferson Union High School District

    Thermal Scans: The Next Best Thing to ATS Maintenance

    November 28, 2018

    Your Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is 50% of your Emergency Power Standby System and -- just like your generator set -- it is critical and needs to be maintained. In fact, all ATS manufacturers recommend an annual maintenance. The National Fire Protection Association, Standard 110 agrees with the manufacturers and calls for an annual transfer switch maintenance. The manufacturers know their equipment, so it's important to listen to them.

    We understand that shutting down your Automatic Transfer Switch is sometimes not a viable option from an operations perspective, but that doesn't mean your ATS won't continue to deteriorate the longer it goes without maintenance. It's just a matter of time before it fails to function -- which will result in a much more significant financial impact on your business than a few hours of downtime to perform maintenance.

    But... you DO have another option.

    While nothing can replace proper maintenance to give you peace of mind that your Automatic Transfer Switch will function when it needs to, the next best thing you can do is have a Thermal Scan Assessment performed. This service:

    • causes no power interruption to the loads carried by the transfer switch
    • identifies potential hot spots and areas of concern
    • provides a report with pictures of the conditions inside the transfer switch

    Again, this does NOT replace the annual Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance recommended by NFPA110, but our Thermal Scan Assessment is the next best option by giving you a snapshot in-time of the status of your ATS -- alerting you of any potential problems so you can address them before they get out of hand.

    Please give us a call with any questions on this subject at 650-321-6169.

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