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  • Electro-Motion is always proactive in scheduling and completing preventative maintenance. Their follow up and documentation is excellent. They are very responsive to my requests for additional information and never complain when I need emergency service.

    Dave Wiggins
    Facility Manager
    Sacrum Services

    Now is the Time to Catch Up on Past-Due Services

    May 12, 2020

    The current shelter in place order has caused many businesses to temporarily shut down or operate at minimal capacity. While these circumstances are not ideal, it may give your company an opportunity to perform maintenance that you may otherwise not have been able to authorize due to the potential impact to daily business operations. Remember, the purpose of a preventive maintenane program is to identify potential issues with your equipment before they can escalate into problems that can be of a greater financial impact to your organization.

    As an essential business per Section 13c and 13f of the current shelter in place order, Electro-Motion remains open to support our customers in maintaining their emergency power system integrity during this challenging time.

    Emergency power is essential not only for life-safety purposes, but also a requirement as back-up in the day-to-day operations of many types of businesses here in the Bay Area. Call Electro-Motion now at 650-321-6169 and ask to schedule any past due work in order to keep your emergency generator set system in top operating condition.

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