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  • Electro-Motion has quick turnaround time for service requests - someone usually gets me booked within 24 hours.

    Great team to work with!

    Patti Bready is the best!

    Electro-Motion caters to their customer's needs.

    Alan Trinh
    Real Estate Services Coordinator
    PPF Industrial 935 McLaughlin LP
    c/o CB Richard Ellis Inc.

    Don't Miss This Opportunity to Perform Downtime-Required Maintenance

    April 23, 2020

    With the current shelter in place order causing many businesses to temporarily shut down or operate at minimal capacity, this is the most advantageous time to schedule your Automatic Transfer Switch maintenance when it will have the least impact on day-to-day operations.

    Your Automatic Transfer Switch is an integral component in your emergency backup power system. No matter how well you maintain your emergency generator, if your ATS suffers a complete failure, not only are your business' critical loads down, you're also potentially faced wth a multi-week wait time for a new transfer switch.

    As an essential business per Section 10c and 10f of the current shelter in place order, Electro-Motion remains open to support our customers in maintaining their emergency power system integrity during this challenging time.

    Remember, the purpose of a preventive maintenance program is to identify potential issues with your equipment before they can escalate into problems that can be of a greater financial impact.

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