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  • Thank you for your hard work and support this last year. Don't take this personal but the best part of our relationship is I rarely need to talk to you. Your scheduled maintenance program has been excellent and our equipment is running great.

    Lou Fuqua
    Director Operations
    Cardica, Inc.

    Cost Relief Initiative or Our Hospitality Partners

    June 12, 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting many businesses hard and making it difficult to operate -- particularly in the hospitality industry. Cutting back services and deferring expenses is a natural response. But when we ultimately return to some sense of normalcy, will your emergency backup power system be ready to maintain your critical Fire and Life Safety systems (emergency lights and signs, elevators, fire alarm system, fire suppression systems, smoke management systems, etc.) when needed?

    An emergency backup power system cannot function if it has been neglected. But due to its very nature, you'll only notice it when you need it. Therefore, to keep it in a state of readiness, you need to keep it on a preventive maintenance program -- but that means more than just an annual oil and filter change. Regularly-scheduled maintenance visits throughout the year put experienced eyes and ears on your equipment that can identify and address problems before they can cause larger issues, and testing your generator under load on an annual basis can tell you if it's capable of handling its assigned emergency systems in the event of a power outage. Having and keeping a proper preventive maintenance plan in place now can avoid costly repairs in the future.

    Call Electro-Motion now at 650-321-6169 to schedule your deferred or upcoming maintenance, and we will give you 10% off the cost of that visit. Let us help you make sure your emergency backup power system is in top condition so you can welcome your guests back to enjoy a worry-free stay.

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