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  • Reliability, operations performance, and maintenance tailored to our operations environment. For the last several years we enjoyed a problem free generator.

    George Palmos
    Facilities Manager
    Aeroflex/Metelics Incorporated

    Thermal Scans: The Next Best Thing to ATS Maintenance

    May 27, 2020

    Your Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is 50% of your Emergency Power Standby System and -- like your generator set -- it is critical and needs to be maintained. In fact, all ATS manufacturers recommend an annual maintenance. NFPA110 agrees with the manufacturers and also calls for an annual transfer switch maintenance.

    Due to the nature of ATS maintenance, we understand that for some businesses it simply isn't a viable option. While nothing can replace proper maintenance to give you peace of mind that your Automatic Transfer Switch will function when it needs to, we highly recommend an ATS Thermal Scan. This service:

    • Causes no power interrruption to the loads carried by the transfer switch
    • Identifies potential hot spots and areas of concern
    • Provides a report with pictures of the conditions inside the transfer switch

    While this does NOT replace the annual Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance recommended by NFPA110, our ATS Thermal Scan is the next best option for servicing your Automatic Transfer Switch -- a critical component of your emergency standby power system.

    Call Electro-Motion's service department now at 650-321-6169 now to schedule your ATS Thermal Scan.

    Now is the Time to Catch Up on Past-Due Services

    May 12, 2020

    The current shelter in place order has caused many businesses to temporarily shut down or operate at minimal capacity. While these circumstances are not ideal, it may give your company an opportunity to perform maintenance that you may otherwise not have been able to authorize due to the potential impact to daily business operations. Remember, the purpose of a preventive maintenane program is to identify potential issues with your equipment before they can escalate into problems that can be of a greater financial impact to your organization.

    As an essential business per Section 13c and 13f of the current shelter in place order, Electro-Motion remains open to support our customers in maintaining their emergency power system integrity during this challenging time.

    Emergency power is essential not only for life-safety purposes, but also a requirement as back-up in the day-to-day operations of many types of businesses here in the Bay Area. Call Electro-Motion now at 650-321-6169 and ask to schedule any past due work in order to keep your emergency generator set system in top operating condition.

    Today, Downtime Isn't Measured by the Day, but by the Minute

    May 4, 2020

    Fuel Testing is the most cost-effective way to prevent downtime.

    "In this industry, the cost of downtime isn't measured by the day, but by the minute." These words, spoken by an engineer employed at one of the largest Data firms in California, couldn't be more true.

    Fuel degrades over time, and quality issues are the leading cause of emergency power failure. Annual tank-bottom inspections and fuel testing can save thousands in repair and downtime costs, and ensure the reliability of standby emergency power.

    In accordance with National Fire Protection Association 110, Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems, 2019 Edition, Electro-Motion has teamed with Dynamic Fuel Solutions to include annual Fuel Inspection & Testing as part of our core maintenance services to bring our customers a comprehensive fuel-testing package that will avoid costly repair and downtime due to preventable fuel-related issues.

    Regardless of tank size, the poorest quality fuel always rests at the lower end of the tank. More importanty, this is the first fuel to be drawn into the engine when the system is called upon. If you're not regularly taking samples from the bottom and mid-level of the tank, you may find out too late that the fuel meant to support your emergency and standby power equipment is out of spec, unfit, or requiring some upkeep to maintain optimal quality and ASTM specifications.

    Improve your emergency backup power system with annual fuel testing. Call Electro-Motion at 650-321-6169 to learn more or to scheudle a fuel inspection & testing service on your unit now.

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