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  • Prior to contracting with Electro-Motion, we did our own maintenance, which was very little due to lack of qualified staff and budget concerns. We have four diesel units at our various high schools and none were in great operating condition. Electro-Motion came in and provided us with professional services and brought our generators up to full operational capability. We are also considered emergency shelters due to unforseen natural disasters; and we need our generators to support this type of operation.

    John Schultz
    Director of Operations/Maintenance/Health-Safety & Transportation
    Jefferson Union High School District

    Electro-Motion, Inc. provides tailored, emergency standby power system maintenance programs to customers in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our maintenance expertise extends to Automatic Transfer Switches, Fire Pump Engines, and Frequency Converter/Motor Generator sets.

    We also sell and install Automatic Transfer Switches and Frequency Converter/Motor Generator sets.  We are centrally located in Menlo Park, CA and have been providing high quality customer service since 1967 with emergency service available 24/7.


    With humble beginnings in 1967, the uncle/nephew team of Eric Loeffler and Hans Krueger saw the need for a generator set manufacturing company to make equipment for the fast growing San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area, particularly for what would soon become known as Silicon Valley. They succeeded from the very beginning by making high quality units, listening to the customer and tailoring their equipment for their specific needs.

    Throughout the 1970's and the 1980's they continued to prosper by broadening their product line to include Automatic Transfer Switches & Motor-Generator Sets (Frequency Converters) and by extending the customer base to include customers around the world - including NATO and the U.S. Army. They were awarded several patents during these years. The business became so large they took on another shareholder, David Loebree, who added an extensive marketing background to the technical & manufacturing expertise of the founders.

    In the mid-1980's, the Company evolved from a regional manufacturer to a full-line distributor providing products of other manufacturers, temporary rental of units and service and maintenance.  During the 1980’s, the company changed hands upon the retirement of the majority shareholders and again upon the death of the owner.  Jerry Twentyman purchased the company in 1988 and operated profitably while evolving into the current business model of providing high quality and customer oriented maintenance and service, while continuing to provide Automatic Transfer Switch & Motor-Generator sales.

    At the end of 2011, the Company was acquired by private equity firm Salt Creek Capital, which brought a renewed focus on growth, while retaining our customer oriented core values and commitment to quality work.  We are committed to industry best practices and standards like NFPA 110, on which we base our maintenance plans, and by delivering our service with EGSA Certified Technicians.  We strive to always provide the highest level of customer service and supporting our customers’ needs with a goal of long-term relationships.

    With 50 years of success, Electro-Motion has the proven experience, capabilities, and capacity to handle all your emergency power needs.